Our business idea

SCANSEL Scandinavian Search & Recruitment is a consulting firm, specializing in increasing the profitability of our clients´ companies, through finding, evaluating and training key persons.

Our history

SCANSEL, Scandinavian Search & Recruitment was founded in 1991 by Mr Tor Nygren and his colleague. Cooperation with the international recruitment company Ward Howell International commenced almost immediately, and as Ward Howell rebranded, the collaboration continued to Signium International. Throughout the years, SCANSEL has had a strong presence in the Nordic market, which is considered to be its « home market ».

Mr Tor Nygren was in 1991 one of the Founding Partners of SCANSEL and he has stood true to his cause (finding top-quality employees for his clients' companies) ever since.

With more than 25 years of experience in Executive Search and Top Management Recruitment, Tor Nygren has excelled both on a national and international level. Due to his focused and professional approach, he has been able to maintain long-lasting relationships with clients spanning many years. Nygren has a strong reputation and is a well-known name in the Finnish industry as well as abroad.

Prior to founding SCANSEL, Tor Nygren established and was a Partner in Compass Human Resources. Later SCANSEL -spearheaded by Mr Nygren- joined Signium International, a community of Executive Search Experts in 44 offices in 27 countries, with a wide range of experience in industrial sectors such as: Industral Construction & Natural Resources; Consumer Goods; Life Sciences, Healthcare & BioTech; Professional Services; Technology & Communication; Higher Education & Non Profit and Financial Services & Insurance.

With a Masters Degree in Psychology from Åbo Akademi University to back up his business savoir-faire, Tor Nygren can be viewed both as an Entrepreneur with a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to business, but also as a Specialist in Psycho-Social Values and Human Behavior.

Most importantly, during his extensive career, Mr Nygren has aquired a wide range of personal contacts in the industry; he possesses detailed and specific know-how in his area of expertise and he has mastered how to operate at the most senior level of executive positions.